My fake morning commute

My new favorite morning ritual.

5 lessons I learned switching to a flip phone for a month

Just because comething stimulates your mind does not mean that it makes you happy.

What I Learned Taking a Bill Gates-Inspired “Think Week”

Spending a week under the Jamaican sun, in an effort to think more like Bill Gates.

5 fascinating things I discovered by making myself bored for a month

Introducing one of your brain’s most powerful modes: scatterfocus.

Everything you need to know about how music affects your productivity

We all work more productively with music—or do we? I unpack this musical myth.

Experiment: How Music Affects Our Productivity

The deeper you look at productivity, the more things you discover that impact how much you get done every day....

Here’s what I learned living like a caveman for a month

Takeaway: Modern humans evolved from hunter-gatherers over the last 2.5 million years. Because of this, we thrive best when we adopt some of our ancestors’ habits: getting enough physical activity, sunshine, social interaction, sleep, and nutrition....

Experiment: Living Like a Caveman for a Month

Takeaway: For the month of April, I'll be living like a caveman—moving 5-9 miles a day, getting as much sunlight as possible, eating like a caveman, and sleeping on my hardwood floor after sunset—to see what impact this has on my productivity....

Last month I made every New Year’s resolution under the sun. Here’s what I learned!

Takeaway: Productivity is nothing without intention. But there are countless obstacles that can get in the way of what we intend to accomplish: temptations, not adapting as conditions change, not forming strong enough goals, and not anticipating...

Experiment: One Month of New Year’s Resolutions

For the month of December, I have designed a massive productivity experiment to do a deep dive into everyone's favorite (or in some cases, least favorite) topic this time of year: New Year's Resolutions. Regardless of whether or not you make them, you've got to admit...

Productivity Experiments

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