Podcast: Understanding burnout

Breaking down burnout—and how to overcome it.

Podcast: The Weekly Review

The things we review every week to become more productive.

Podcast: My go-to writing tips

A few of my favorite writing tips—and the ones I use every day.

Podcast: Taming Negative Self-Talk

We briefly chat about Chris’s next book, and then explore the science of self-talk.

Podcast: The Habits You Take for Granted

Reflecting on your dividend-paying habits can help you sustain them in the long run.

Podcast: My interview with James Clear, author of Atomic Habits

James and I chat about his fantastic book, Atomic Habits.

Podcast: How to be a more productive student

Becoming more productive in a college/university setting.

Podcast: How to measure your productivity

A few practical, tactical ways to measure daily productivity

Podcast: Task Switching

The costs of task switching—and how to get better at switching between things.

Podcast: Ways to plan your week

A few rituals for planning your week—along with a few favorite books we’ve read recently.


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