A picture from a photo shoot commissioned by Carleton Now magazine.

A picture from a photo shoot commissioned by Carleton magazine.

In addition to sharing ideas about productivity and wellness through books, articles, podcast episodes, and talks, I sometimes have the opportunity to share them through media interviews. If you’re curious, below are a few of them! For press inquiries, kindly contact karen@chrisbailey.com.



Stop Trying to Be Productive

8 Ways to Be Kinder to Yourself in 2020

Forget About Being Productive

A 4-Day Workweek for 5 Days’ Pay?
Unilever New Zealand Is the Latest to Try

Having Trouble Finishing This Headline? Then This Book Is For You

The Pitfalls of Productivity

Distracted? Work Harder!

The Case for Doing Nothing

Can Apple’s Screen Time Reports Actually Help Curb Your Phone Addiction?

How Productivity Apps Can Make Us Less Productive (And Less Happy)

Will 5G Reinvent Working From Home?

America Is Drowning in Lists

Why Forgetfulness Might Actually Help You


The 3 Best Business Books of the New Year

Simple Ways to Add 2 Hours More to Your Day



The ultimate guide to purposeful productivity (your mental health will thank you)

These Four Common Mistakes Are Making You Less Productive At Work

The Secret of People Who Always Meet Their Deadlines

How Keeping Track of These Two Things Totally Transformed My Productivity

Five New Habits That Will Make You More Organized In 2016

Six Ways The Most Productive People Send Emails

Six Expert Tricks For Achieving Inbox Zero Every Day

How to solve complex problems (by not focusing on them)


How to Be More Productive

Still Trying to Get More Done

4 Strategies for Overcoming Distraction

5 Research-Based Strategies for Overcoming Procrastination


Man watches 296 TED Talks in a week. We ask him why.

7 strategies to keep your phone from taking over your life

Feature Interview: Why Being Less Busy is the Key to Getting More Done


Why we can’t concentrate — and how to fix it

8 Ways to Get Stuff Done


When procrastination is good and bad – and how to spot the difference

Five habits that help Chris Bailey stay productive

Make time for productivity – and procrastination


Slacker success: Why working 20 hours a week is more effective than 90


How ‘scatterfocus’ can improve focus and attention span

Lessons from a year of extreme productivity

This 15-minute daily exercise can make you more successful

This is the time of day when you should work on your most important tasks

A guy who spent 10 days in complete isolation discovered this key productivity insight

Why finding your ‘biological prime time’ could be the key to success at work

One huge myth about how to get more stuff done during the day

How to work on a huge news day


Your slow email replies are causing serious anxiety

Want to Write a Book This Year? These Tools Can Help


10 Lessons I Learned from a Year of Productivity Experiments

Unload Your Thoughts and Ideas With a “Mind Capture” Ritual

Give Yourself a “Think Break” to Keep Your Long-Term Work Focused

Track Your Commitment, Not Progress, to Achieve Your Resolutions

Set Aside a “Maintenance Day” for Your Less Important Tasks

Work on Your Highest-Leverage Task First to Boost Motivation



Books to Read by the Fire


15 Simple Ways to Become a More Productive Person


A few other places my work and I have been featured:

HuffPost: 7 Mistakes You’re Making In The Morning That Ruin Your Productivity
Real Simple: Our Best-Ever Tips for Being More Productive (and Ditching Procrastination for Good)
Magazine: Here’s Why You Never Feel Productive Enough
TODAY Show: Why the short weeks sometimes feel the longest
TODAY Show: 6 ways to make your weekend feel longer
Vox: How to focus on one single goddamn thing
Men’s Health: The Best Way to Recover From a Tough Workday
New York
Magazine: Work Smarter: Why You Should Add a ‘Done List’ to Your To-Do List
Chatelaine: How To Focus Your Distracted Mind
Maclean’s: Brain hacks for better productivity
Foundr Magazine: How to Be More Productive than Ever Before (PDF)
New York Post:  If you want productive employees, let them wear sweatpants
Reader’s Digest: How to Be More Productive In Your First Hour of Work
Reader’s Digest Canada: 5 Ways to Prevent Busyness From Ruining Your Life
Psychology Today: 7 Strategies for Becoming More Productive
Forbes: 7 Counter-Intuitive Insights On How To Get Things Done
Forbes: The Fastest Way To Be More Productive Is To Slow Down
Forbes: Digital Strategy Tips For Businesses And Executives Amid Covid-19
Forbes: The One Daily Action That Will Make You More Successful And Happier At Work
Forbes: 5 Mental Tricks To Make A Good Money Habit Really Last
Forbes: Five Advice Books To Add To Your Coaching Library And Gift A New Grad
Forbes: 5 Productivity Hacks For The Holidays
Gretchen Rubin’s blog: Agree, Disagree? “Forming New Habits Can Actually Be Fun.”

And also on CBC, CTV, Psychologies Magazine, Carleton Now Magazine, Inc. Magazine, The Guardian, Mashable, Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post, Metro Magazine, 99U, CTV’s The Social Talk Show and Lifehack.org.


A few of the podcasts I’ve been invited to appear on:

The Ezra Klein Show: Your attention is being hijacked. Chris Bailey can help
Jordan Harbinger: Secrets for Better Productivity
Unmistakeable Creative: Bridging the Gaps in Our Productivity
Unmistakeable Creative: Living an Insanely Productive Life
Unmistakeable Creative: How to be More Productive in a World of Distractions
The School of Greatness: How to Increase your Productivity, Save Time and Get More Done
Beyond the To Do List: Chris Bailey on Hyperfocus, Mental RAM and Boredom
Beyond the To Do List: Hyperfocus, Scatterfocus and Attention
Beyond the To Do List: Procrastination: Chris Bailey on Time, Focus and the Rule of Three
Becoming Superhuman: How To Be the Most Productive Person You Know
Becoming Superhuman: Productivity Guru Chris Bailey on What Works and What Doesnt & Living Purposefully
Becoming Superhuman: On Distractions, Overstimulation and the Power of Focus
Art of Manliness: The Productivity Project
Art of Manliness: How to Achieve Hyperfocus
iProcrastinate: A Year of Productivity
How to be Awesome at Your Job: Experiments in Productivity
How to be Awesome at Your Job: Achieving Hyperfocus
How to be Awesome at Your Job: How Morning Practices Like Savoring and Investing in Calm Boost Productivity


If you’re looking for an image of me to use, kindly use this one. It was generously released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license by Chris Roussakis, an Uber-talented photographer from Ottawa.


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