5 lessons I learned switching to a flip phone for a month

Just because comething stimulates your mind does not mean that it makes you happy.

What I Learned Taking a Bill Gates-Inspired “Think Week”

Spending a week under the Jamaican sun, in an effort to think more like Bill Gates.

5 fascinating things I discovered by making myself bored for a month

Introducing one of your brain’s most powerful modes: scatterfocus.

Everything you need to know about how music affects your productivity

We all work more productively with music—or do we? I unpack this musical myth.

Experiment: How Music Affects Our Productivity

The deeper you look at productivity, the more things you discover that impact how much you get done every day....

Here’s what I learned living like a caveman for a month

Takeaway: Modern humans evolved from hunter-gatherers over the last 2.5 million years. Because of this, we thrive best when we adopt some of our ancestors’ habits: getting enough physical activity, sunshine, social interaction, sleep, and nutrition....

Experiment: Living Like a Caveman for a Month

Takeaway: For the month of April, I'll be living like a caveman—moving 5-9 miles a day, getting as much sunlight as possible, eating like a caveman, and sleeping on my hardwood floor after sunset—to see what impact this has on my productivity....

Last month I made every New Year’s resolution under the sun. Here’s what I learned!

Takeaway: Productivity is nothing without intention. But there are countless obstacles that can get in the way of what we intend to accomplish: temptations, not adapting as conditions change, not forming strong enough goals, and not anticipating...

Experiment: One Month of New Year’s Resolutions

For the month of December, I have designed a massive productivity experiment to do a deep dive into everyone's favorite (or in some cases, least favorite) topic this time of year: New Year's Resolutions. Regardless of whether or not you make them, you've got to admit...

5 simple ways I gained 15 pounds of muscle

Takeaway: The best way to lower your body fat is to eat well, and the best way to gain muscle is to exercise. Lifting weights has productivity benefits, but there are much larger benefits with cardio exercise. But that said, I learned a ton about...

Productivity Experiments

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