Podcast: The Pomodoro Technique

The pomodoro technique, and how (and whether) we use it in our own work.

Podcast: How (and why) to do a stimulation fast

What you’ll get out of resetting your mind’s tolerance for novelty.

Podcast: My interview with Oliver Burkeman (replay)

A conversation with the author of Four Thousand Weeks on limits, finitude, and time management.

Podcast: Drowning in subscriptions

The productivity apps we subscribe to—and what we’re cutting.

Podcast: Are smartphones a net positive?

Lessons from Chris’s experiment to switch to a flip phone for a month.

106: Naps!

Exploring the science behind napping.

Podcast: Digging into multitasking

We dig into the research surrounding multitasking—including where it does and doesn’t work.

Podcast: The best productivity gadgets

Our go-to productivity gadgets that we use every day (and a few thoughts on the Apple headset)!

Podcast: My chat with Cal Newport about email

My conversation with author Cal Newport about email.

Podcast: The three transitions we go through as a couple

My chat with Jennifer Petriglieri, author of Couples That Work.


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