The News Negativity Bias

Negative news affects you more than you think.

Four simple habits for stronger mental health

A handful of lessons from an old-timey video.

The Peloton Bike+ Bullet-Point Review

Ever wondered if you should join the Peloton cult? Here’s my breakdown of whether you should get their new Bike+.

Podcast: Some food habits that will help you out

A few good food habits to crowd out your bad ones.

The best subscription service costs $25 a month

An ode to my favorite pandemic subscription service…

The power of embracing change

How to befriend change—one of the greatest forces in the universe.

Want to become happier? Get moving!

Kelly McGonigal on why exercise might be the best thing you can do for your mental health, happiness, and connection with others.

Yes, you have permission to be lazy right now

Idleness, when practiced properly, can actually make you more productive and creative.

Flexibility as a Source of Inner Calm

My chat with Henry Emmons, on the science of settling our mind.

5 ways to find calm right now

Some simple ways to settle your mind.


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