Podcast: Tactics for meetings

The science behind running meetings more effectively (when they’re worthwhile)!

Podcast: The Value of Meetings

We dive deep into meetings on this week’s pod.

Podcast: How We Time Block

Strategies for time blocking your day—including the ones we use.

Podcast: The art of slow productivity

My conversation with author Cal Newport—about doing fewer things, working at a natural pace, and obsessing over quality.

Podcast: How to think about social media

On this episode, we chat about how we use and think about social media. We cover what the problem is with social media (if there even is one), how the “novelty bias” hijacks our attention as we use it, and tactics to use to keep social media contained. Topics covered...

Podcast: Should you wake up early?

Should you become an early riser?

Podcast: All or Something Thinking (Replay)

Things aren’t as black and white as you might think.

Podcast: How to Get Unstuck

Staying productive when you don’t feel like it.

Podcast: Our phone home screens

We share our phone home screens and chat about which one is better.

Podcast: The highest-leverage tasks in your work

How AI is shaping the highest-leverage tasks in your work.


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