Remember: Burnout and cynicism go hand-in-hand

Two common characteristics of this stressful time.

Podcast: Stress relief strategies that actually work

Some strategies for stress relief that actually work

The best subscription service costs $25 a month

An ode to my favorite pandemic subscription service…

All you need are three breaths

A simple and powerful trick to reset between tasks.

How to take a coffee nap

The surprising ways in which caffeine and naps work together to boost your productivity and energy.

How to reset your caffeine tolerance

Resetting how much caffeine you consume can be good for your health—and your productivity.

The Key to Relaxation

The key is to actually settle your mind.

Can drinking alcohol make you more productive (or creative)?

Alcohol can make us more creative, but it also has a whole host of downsides.

Some ways to get (even more) energy out of caffeine

Some ways to drink caffeine deliberately, and get (even more) energy out of it.

3 Ways to Calculate Your Peak Energy Time of Day

Our energy per hour isn’t consistent, and because of this, neither is our focus nor productivity. Here’s how to calculate when your energy peaks.


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