Check out the updated Focus modes feature on iOS

If you use iOS, be sure to check out Focus modes! Here are the ones I’ve set up.

Want to become more productive? Stop multitasking.

According to a recent study, when you multitask, you are not being more productive – you just feel more emotionally satisfied from your work. While multitasking feels good, it ultimately makes you less productive.

My 6 guiding principles

Principles to plot your personal and professional journey.

Podcast: The importance of anticipating obstacles

Obstacles are hard to deal with as they come up, but pretty easy to deal with ahead of time.

Your ideas aren’t that unique

The proof is in this collection of similar logos.

Which of your projects need space, and which need focus?

There are a ton of ways to think about your projects. My new favorite: asking which ones need focus, space, or both.

3 ways to generate more ideas

Not all those who wander are lost.

Setting goals is largely overrated

Happy New Year! Ditch the resolutions and try out some new habits instead.

All you need are three breaths

A simple and powerful trick to reset between tasks.

Here’s how to (properly) put down your phone

The advice we all need to use our phone less during this uniquely crazy and anxious time.


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