Podcast: How to build your attention span

My interview with the renowned Gloria Mark, the author of the new book Attention Span.

Podcast: How to get into a flow state

We explore research and tactics for entering into a “flow” state.

Podcast: Chatting about the flip phone experiment

Chris’s experiment to switch to a flip phone for a month.

Podcast: 5 tactics for more tranquility in your life

My conversation with author Laura Vanderkam about her new book.

Podcast: What to know about “novelty hunting.”

The ways we like to hunt for novelty, especially in the digital world.

Podcast: The science of savoring your life

There’s a fascinating science behind how we can more deeply enjoy our lives—we dig into it in this episode.

Podcast: The Year of Calm

We chat about ideas from Chris’s new book, How to Calm Your Mind!

Podcast: Our New Year’s Rituals

An annual tradition on the pod: our holiday spectacular!

Podcast: My interview with David Allen, author of Getting Things Done

My interview with David Allen, the author of Getting Things Done.

Podcast: Understanding burnout

Breaking down burnout—and how to overcome it.


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