About A Year of Productivity

For the past several years I have been completely obsessed with becoming more productive, so much so that when I graduated from University last May, I decided to decline two full-time job offers to dedicate an entire year of my life to becoming as productive as possible. That led me to create A Year of Productivity, the very website you are reading this guidebook on right now. Since last May, I’ve read as many books as I could get my hands on, and conducted weird productivity experiments on myself, like meditating for 35 hours in a week, watching 70 hours of TED talks in 7 days, living in total seclusion for 10 days, and being a total slob for a week.

At the time of publication (January 6th), I’m a little over eight months into A Year of Productivity, and over that time I’ve experimented with countless productivity methods and techniques. I’ve thrown a lot of ideas at the wall, and while a lot of them have stuck, a lot more haven’t. Within these pages (pixels?) are not only the meticulously researched ideas and lessons courtesy of the (much smarter) people that have come before me, but also my own perspective on their ideas based on my experimentation and first-hand experience with them. I have personally put every single thing in this guidebook into practice, and have removed all of the bullshit that’s either overhyped or doesn’t work.

A Year of Productivity has taught me a ton about what works and what doesn’t in becoming more productive, and I’ve brought as much of that as I could to this book, while I stand on the shoulders of giants, of course.

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