A Year of Productivity

Before this website was named A Life of Productivity, it was A Year of Productivity. In fact, if you dive deep into the site, you might still find many articles that reference the project.

When I graduated from business school in May, 2013, I was offered two great full-time jobs, both of which I turned down because I had a plan.

For exactly one year, I would devour everything I could get my hands on about productivity, and then write about what I learned every day. Over the span of my project, I conducted dozens of productivity experiments on myself, interviewed my favorite productivity gurus from around the world, and read hundreds of books and academic journal articles on productivity—all in an effort to dive as deep into productivity as I could, and write about what I learned.

When all was said and done, my website received more than one million hits from almost every country around the world, and I wrote more than 200,000 words on the topic to help people like yourself become more productive, too. I also got the chance to make a cool ending video for the project (above), and recently published a book on all of the valuable lessons I learned during the experiment, published in 2016 by Penguin Random House.

All of the articles that I cranked out over the course of the experiment still live on this website, which is free of advertisements, sponsorships, and copyright. (It does have one of those annoying newsletter popups, but it goes away forever after you click the “X”.)

I hope you enjoy reading about the biggest lessons I’ve learned, and the experiments I’ve conducted.

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