Advertising, and Sponsorship Policy

This site is totally free from ads and sponsorships, because I like to make money through writing and speaking, and I prefer not to be annoying on the Internet (unless you follow my personal Twitter account—in that case, may God help you).

I know that if I pour my heart into what I write for A Life of Productivity and give it all away for free, good things will come back to me in return. So far my plan has worked, so I’m going to keep running with it.

I do have Amazon referral links on a few articles, but I invest all of that money right back into the site.

Copyright Policy

All original content on A Life of Productivity is also licensed under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported copyright license. The purpose of this site is to help readers like you become more productive, and removing the non-commercial copyright off of my content allows what I write about to travel much further.

This means you may:

  • Copy, distribute, and transmit my work
  • Remix, adapt, change, redistribute, or otherwise share my work with attribution, provided you share alike

For noncommercial uses, please steal my blog posts. Change them, adapt them, make them better, add to them, subtract from them, or whatever you want—with or without credit (though credit is always nice, of course).

If you are repurposing my work for commercial uses, please ask first.

Creative Commons License

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