Of the three ingredients of productivity—time, attention, and energy—our time is the most limited. We can’t get more of it. And when we have more work to do than we have time to do it in, managing our time is crucial. It’s what allows us to work smarter, instead of just harder.

Drawing from the latest research, this first part of the workshop will guide you and your team through stepping back from your work to consider what’s actually important. Intention lies at the heart of productivity, and I’ve designed this part around that idea.

For questions, or to book this workshop for your team, please email chris@chrisbailey.com.


What’s Covered

1. A New Definition of Productivity: Productivity used to be about working harder and faster, but now that our work is more mental than physical, and we do “knowledge work” for a living, productivity means working on what’s actually important; deliberately and intentionally. This is what allows us to get the most done every day.

2. Your Most Productive Tasks: It’s impossible to invest in your productivity without first figuring out what you should become more productive on. This segment guides you through determining the most productive tasks in your work—the ones that give you the biggest return on your time.

3. Working More Intentionally: A few solid, simple, and practical strategies to work smarter and more intentionally every day, and in general. Setting daily intentions for what you want to get done, especially after determining your most productive tasks, will make you more productive than almost anything else.

4. Beating Procrastination: According to research, pretty much everyone on the planet procrastinates. But there are some clever tactics that we can deploy to beat it—all backed up by science. This lets us spend more of our limited time on what’s important.

5. Eliminating, Delegating, and Shrinking the Trivial: It’s one thing to determine what’s important—but it’s also important to eliminate, delegate, and shrink the unimportant tasks in your work. For that reason, this segment gives tactical, realistic suggestions for how to do exactly that, so you can carve out more space for your most important work.

For questions, or to book this workshop for your team, please email chris@chrisbailey.com.


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