Personal Sessions/Executive Productivity Coaching

Having researched productivity for more than a decade, coached countless executives, and written two productivity books published by Penguin Random House in 18 languages (Hyperfocus and The Productivity Project), I’m confident that I can help you out in the productivity department.

My philosophy is simple: Our productivity is the sum of how well we manage our time, attention, and energy. By managing all three better, we accomplish more of what’s important, while we also carve out more time for what’s meaningful.

Things I’ve helped others out with in the past include:

  • focusing deeper;
  • identifying what tasks and projects are truly important;
  • long-term goal setting;
  • delegating and eliminating unimportant work; 
  • working more deliberately; 
  • taming distractions; 
  • avoiding burnout; 
  • and more.

I typically help folks out via hourlong calls over Skype or the phone.

Pricing and availability: My rates are in line with the fact that my coaching is geared toward executives and established professionals. Additionally, at any one time, I try to help out just a few people so I don’t spread myself too thin.

Interested/want more information? Please shoot an email to I look forward to helping you! Or, just fill out the form below and I’ll reach out to you directly with more information.

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