My AI Policy

Version 0.1, last updated February 28, 2023.

I’ll keep a link to this post in the footer of my website and update it periodically.

As we enter a new era of generative artificial intelligence—AI that can create content for us—I wanted to write a statement on how I’m currently using this technology and how I’m thinking about it going forward.

My hope is that by posting my personal policy—and permanently linking to it in the footer of my website—I encourage others to do the same. In short, my goal is for AI to support my writing (and other work), not replace it.

In my opinion, it has never been more important for our humanity to shine through in what we create—in the real and digital worlds. With this in mind, I currently use AI infrequently but will likely include these tools more in the process of content creation going forward. I’m excited about this next phase of technology, but also feel it’s important to be transparent about how and when we use it. Specifically…

I currently use generative AI to:

  • Organize statistics and large amounts of information while writing (infrequently);
  • Find jumping off points into research around a topic (infrequently);
  • Identify my blind spots and biases when writing about topics (rarely);
  • Search for new ideas while writing about a topic (not yet, but soon with tools like [the new Bing]).

I do not use generative AI to:

  • Write for me, including drafting articles and my newsletter;
  • Prepare speaking engagements;
  • Connect ideas in new or innovative ways.

I’ll be revising this document as my workflows change to take advantage of this new technology and eliminate as much drudgery as possible from my job.

My plan, as always, is to continue working on your behalf to filter and synthesize the productivity advice that’s out there to find what actually works, and write about what I learn on this website.

Consider this page a first draft of how this new technology will layer in my workflow. I also want to be upfront about how the content on this site and in my newsletter are created so you know that the voice on this website is mine, not that of a machine.

On this website, the humanness stays.

(I hope to see more AI policies from creators going forward!)

If you can think of anything I’ve missed or have ideas to share, please send me a message!

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