Chapter 3

After you pick apart the potential costs (in time, willpower, and motivation) of your New Year’s resolutions, and break down your life into hotspots and prioritize your hotspots based on your values, it is then relatively easy to scan your hotspots to pick what New Year’s resolutions you should make.

This method of determining what resolutions to make works for a few reasons:

  • Understanding the potential costs of your resolutions will help you determine whether a resolution is actually worth making, or whether you simply like the idea of making a change. (This is especially important if you came to this guide already knowing the resolutions you want to make.)
  • Breaking down your life into hotspots will force you to consider making resolutions in all aspects of your life, so you will leave no stone unturned when you plan for the new year.
  • Digging deep to discover what you truly value will help you determine what elements of your life are the most important to you, and which ones you should change.

A lot of people make a crucial mistake at this juncture: they stop planning, and don’t create a plan to follow to actually follow through on their resolutions. I strongly believe that this is why 92% of people fail at their their resolutions.

But don’t you worry one bit–I’ve got your back. Now that you’ve chosen your resolutions, let’s make a plan to keep them.

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