“Reading this book will help you find balance between getting things done and doing things that matter.”

Samantha Boardman, MD
author of Everyday Vitality

“A clear-eyed, concise method that marries science and self-help.”

Oprah Daily

“This book inspires us to do the unimaginable—to remain calm in a world filled with stress and anxiety.”

Henry Emmons, MD
author of The Chemistry of Joy and The Chemistry of Calm

Tame Anxiety and Overcome Burnout—While Saving Time

How to Calm Your Mind is a treasure trove of practical, science-backed strategies that reveal how the key to a less anxious life, and even greater productivity, is a calm state of mind.

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“Slow down, breathe, and submerge into these pages.”
– Oprah Daily

Book Jacket Write-Up

It took an on-stage panic attack for me to recognize how critical it is to invest in calm at the same time that we invest in becoming more productive. Productivity advice works—and we need it now more than ever—but it’s just as vital that we develop our capacity for calm. By finding calm and overcoming anxiety, we don’t just feel more comfortable in our own mind—we build a deeper, more expansive reservoir of energy to draw from throughout the day. The pursuit of calm ultimately leads us to become more engaged, focused, and deliberate—while making us more satisfied with our lives. And because calm saves us time by making us more productive, we don’t even need to feel guilty about the time we spend investing in it.

How to Calm Your Mind is my crucial guide to achieving calm, navigating anxiety, and staving off burnout. It explains how our digital world drains us, and what we can do to abate the hidden sources of stress that burden our days. I’ve learned to embrace the analog world and “stimulation fasts,” to use the science of “savoring” to become more focused and present, and to relax without guilt—and would love to show you how you can reclaim calm, too. In an anxious world, investing in calm might be the best productivity strategy around.

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