Some practical tips for slowing down

Slowing down is tough when we spend so much time in front of screens—but so much more worthwhile.

Podcast: The Power of Novelty

Novelty is one of the most underrated ingredients for living a good life, and creating more memories.

The easiest way to track your time

My favorite time tracking hack.

What makes us happier, time or money?

Ashley Whillans on the interplay between time, money, and happiness.

What to Put Into Your Mind

The information you consume matters more than you think.

How to Track Your Time

How to track your time—the most limited resource you have to get stuff done.

Here’s how to calculate, in dollars and cents, the value of your time

Calculating how valuable your time is can help you determine which tasks are worth spending your time on.

The Joys of Writing Slow

Fast writing is not always productive writing

The Best Productivity Advice is Time-Negative

Is what you consume adding to, or draining the minutes of your day?

Every Yes Is Also a No

More than a one-word answer, saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ defines how you spend your day and life



Time Hack: Start a maintenance day

The idea of a maintenance day is a simple and powerful one: take all of the maintenance-y stuff you do throughout the week and lump them together on one day. It turns out, the effects of doing this are profound.


You don’t have time for that? Bull$#!†.

The phrase “I don’t have time for” should never be said. We all get the same amount of time every day., so if you can’t do something it’s not about the quantity of time. It’s really about how important the task is to you.


Time Hack: Focus on high-leverage activities

A question was recently posed on the popular question-and-answer website Quora that asked, "What's the single most valuable lesson you've learned in your professional life?" The top answer is one that I recommend you read in whole.


The Rule of 3

The problem with a lot of productivity and time management systems is they require a lot of overhead, but the "Rule of Three" doesn't. It's one of the simplest, most powerful time management techniques I've come across lately.

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