The 3 ways the digital world adds value to your life

A few insights from my flip phone experiment

Smartphones should not be this nice

Rethinking the role of smartphones in my life.

Here’s why I’m trading in my smartphone for a flip phone this month

Rethinking the role my smartphone deserves in my life

reMarkable 2 review: A great digital tablet that feels analog

Checking out the latest in “paper” tablet technology

Instagram is about two things: Bodies and comparing lifestyles

Thinking about Instagram’s “inadequacy loop.”

Our daily screen time has risen to 13 hours+ during the pandemic

The digital world versus our analog world.

The 10 best productivity apps out there

The best productivity apps out there right now.

How to Declutter Your Digital Life

On this week’s episode of Becoming Better, my cohost Ardyn and I dig into an experiment that we recently conducted: doing a one-month digital declutter.

Should You Become a Digital Minimalist?

I recently sat down with Cal Newport for my new podcast, Becoming Better, to chat about his latest book, Digital Minimalism.

Timeular review: My time tracker of choice

This could be the most valuable tool you add to your work desk.



10 killer ways to tame your email inbox

Takeaway: 10 killer ways to tame your email inbox: Keep a tally of how many times you check your email every day for a week; keep all of your emails to five sentences or less (and make a note of it in your signature); don’t check for new email...

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