Your Never-Ending To-Do List

Your to-do list will never end. That’s a good (and normal) thing!

A 30 second tactic for overcoming mental resistance

If you can’t beat mental resistance.. join it.

The Resistance List

A simple tactic for getting more aversive tasks done.

The Four Levels of Knowledge Work

The kinds of knowledge work we do throughout the day—and the rise of “superskilled” work.

What happens doesn’t matter all that much

A new mental framing to take forward.

When in doubt, put the ideas in

A peek into my personal creative process.

How to double your enjoyment from an experience

Two simple ways to savor.

The two kinds of productivity advice

The most productive people focus on both.

Some habits work too well

How to stick with valuable habits in the long run.

What habits do you take for granted?

The best habits often become invisible over time. That includes the helpful ones you’ve formed in the past.

General Productivity

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