How to double your enjoyment from an experience

Two simple ways to savor.

The two kinds of productivity advice

The most productive people focus on both.

Some habits work too well

How to stick with valuable habits in the long run.

What habits do you take for granted?

The best habits often become invisible over time. That includes the helpful ones you’ve formed in the past.

For optimal productivity, be on break for 20-25% of the workday

The ideal amount of time to break throughout the workday.

Before investing in productivity, know what you value

Your values are central to who you are, and who you want to be as a person. It’sworthreflecting on what you value most before investing in productivity.

There are just 10 basic values

The fundamental values from which all others stem

There are 2 types of busyness

Busyness gets a bad rap, but the truth is more nuanced.

How to stop procrastinating by making your work more fun

We’ve all been there—here’s how to get unstuck.

6 immediate strategies to feel less overwhelmed at work

Triage your tasks to make back time.

General Productivity

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