Podcast: The productivity gift guide

The best gifts that make life easier (or more efficient). (Part One!)

Podcast: Forming an accountability group

How to form a professional accountability group—and why you should.

Podcast: Taking a sick day

Your to-do list will probably never be done. That’s a good thing!

Podcast: Using “commitment devices” to achieve your goals

How to give yourself no choice but to achieve your goals.

Podcast: Calculating your peak productivity time

How exactly to calculate when you’re the most productive and creative.

Podcast: Setting smarter goals

How to set smarter goals—and why “SMART” goals aren’t as effective as you may think.

Podcast: The Pomodoro Technique

The pomodoro technique, and how (and whether) we use it in our own work.

Podcast: How (and why) to do a stimulation fast

What you’ll get out of resetting your mind’s tolerance for novelty.

Podcast: My interview with Oliver Burkeman (replay)

A conversation with the author of Four Thousand Weeks on limits, finitude, and time management.

Podcast: Drowning in subscriptions

The productivity apps we subscribe to—and what we’re cutting.


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