Basically everything is a subscription service

A new way of thinking about what you regularly buy.

The two things to keep in mind about money

Life’s uncertain—take that into consideration when you save and spend.   

What makes us happier, time or money?

Ashley Whillans on the interplay between time, money, and happiness.

Each time you praise someone, you save your team $10,000

One of the most valuable leadership investments you can make.

How I saved $12,000 by renting (instead of buying) a house

Buying a house isn’t always the best home for your savings.

Which possessions should you spend the most money on?

Ditch the superfluous—buy what simplifies and supports your daily activities.

Here’s a simple trick to save an extra $504.30 this month

Takeaway: Most habits cost money—but there are usually alternatives that can save you money. To buy back more of your freedom, recognize these alternatives, do them instead (when they're not too tough) and invest the difference. Estimated Reading...

How a teacher or retail assistant manager makes more money than a Harvard MBA

Edit: I've received several emails from folks who argue that this idea from Neil's book misses the mark when it comes to teachers—that most teachers work much more hours than 40 a week. After looking at the data, I agree—and my apologies if you were...

For every $18.12 you save, you buy back an entire day of your life (+ calculator)

Takeaway: Saving money is basically a way of buying back your own time. If you're 30 (the average age of a visitor to ALOP), and you retire at 62 (the US average), for every $18.12 you save today you buy back one day of your life in the future. Plug...

How to use money to buy happiness (well, sorta)

Money can buy you happiness, but only if used to do things as opposed to simply buy things.


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