The science of how to get intuition to speak to you

Diving below the surface of your conscious thought.

Surprise! My Audible Original on meditation is out now!

My latest project is out now: an Audible Original on the practical, tactical benefits of meditation.

5 Practical Things Meditation Can Teach You

For every minute you spend meditating, you’ll get many more back.

Here’s why meditation makes you more productive

Research shows meditation sharpens your attention in almost every way.

Why I meditate for either 21 or 43 minutes — no more, no less

Plenty of time for TV but none for meditation? Think again.

Free template: The half-day (and full day) at-home meditation retreat

For those who see the value in a meditation retreat but can’t find the time.

Think of your mind as a TV

When you meditate, it’s helpful to think of your mind as a TV

What plants and people have in common

How your decisions and actions can affect an entire ecosystem.

Life unfolds one moment at a time

Life seems to happen quickly, so why not take the opportunity to stop and watch it unfold?

You’re always on the record

Takeaway: There is almost always a gap between what you intend to say, and how people interpret what you say. Knowing that you're always "on the record" is a great way of reminding yourself of this, so you can speak more mindfully and productively....


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