10 interviews to make you more productive

Some of our biggest lessons learned so far on the podcast.

6 Nuggets from Atomic Habits, by James Clear

My interview with bestselling author James Clear.

A daily reflection that will make you more resilient

What is resiliency, and how can we build up how resilient we are? I chat with Neil Pasricha.

Which experts should you trust?

Some experts are worth listening to, and some are full of $#!†. I chat with Cait Flanders about how to distinguish between them.

How to Track Your Time

How to track your time—the most limited resource you have to get stuff done.

5 Nuggets of Productivity Wisdom from David Allen

In this week’s episode of Becoming Better, I sit down the author of Getting Things Done, David Allen.

Should You Become a Digital Minimalist?

I recently sat down with Cal Newport for my new podcast, Becoming Better, to chat about his latest book, Digital Minimalism.

Laura Vanderkam knows how we can have it all

Takeaway: Laura Vanderkam's newest book, I Know How She Does It, is great. She studies the detailed time logs of 143 women, who all make six figures a year and have families. The insights she offers in the book are fantastic, and my favorites have to...

Interview: 5 things you should know about mindfulness and work

Takeaway: According to renowned meditation expert Sharon Salzberg, meditation may seem a bit "woo-woo" on the surface, but it will help you become more productive at work. Mindfulness and meditation make you more productive by boosting your focus and...

Here’s why you procrastinate, and 10 tactics that will help you stop

I recently interviewed Tim Pychyl, a world-renowned procrastination researcher, about why we procrastinate and what we can do to stop. Here’s why you procrastinate, and 10 tactics that will help you stop.


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