My website just got a whole lot better

This site looks and works way better now!

What are you grateful for this New Year’s?

Be sure to recall all you’re grateful for as the year draws to a close.

Hyperfocus comes out in paperback TODAY! 🎉

Hyperfocus comes out in paperback today! We cover 10 strategies for reading nonfiction books on the pod.

I’m starting a podcast (and would love your ideas!)

I have a quick question for you: what do you love most about your favorite podcasts?

Tell me your top work distractions—and win a prize!

Contest open worldwide until August 14

My book comes out in paperback TODAY!

Pick it up wherever books are sold!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Title says it all!

My new productivity workshop for teams

Half-day productivity workshop designed especially for busy teams who have limited time to think about productivity.

Read an excerpt from The Productivity Project!

I recently asked my publisher if I could post a small excerpt from The Productivity Project so you can get a feel for what it's like, and they graciously agreed! It's a small excerpt, because the chapters in the book are small—pretty much every one is under 10 pages,...

My book, The Productivity Project, is now available for preorder!!

I've been excited (and anxiously waiting) to post about this for the last year or so. I'm incredibly excited to announce today that my book, The Productivity Project, is available for preorder. And oh boy, I think you're going to like it…


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