5 Nuggets of Wisdom from Ray Dalio’s book, Principles

Wise, honest words from the billionaire investor himself

4 ways to make your to-do list a whole lot sexier

Foolproof tactics to make sure your to-do list actually gets done

The 10 best productivity books out there

Takeaway: The 10 best productivity books out there (in my opinion), in order: Getting Things Done by David Allen; The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg; The Power of Full Engagement by James Loehr and Tony Schwartz; Mindfulness In Plain English by...

Here are two books you should buy, and then promptly destroy

Takeaway: Let the Elephants Run by David Usher, and The Happiness Equation by Neil Pasricha, are two incredible books that serve as great portals to exploring creativity and happiness, respectively. If you're curious about either topic, I highly...

Pick This Up: David Allen’s revised Getting Things Done book comes out today (+ interview!)

Takeaway: The new edition of David Allen's Getting Things Done book comes out today. It's completely rewritten to account for how the world and our work has changed since the book was originally published in 2002. This book has never been more...

Book Review: The Happiness Advantage

Your happiness has been shown to have a positive affect on pretty much every aspect of your life–including your productivity.

The Willpower Instinct: Review

The Willpower Instinct is, as you might have guessed, a book about willpower – that mysterious, magical stuff that helps you with self-control. I’ll put it right out there: if you want to get more willpower, you should buy this book.

Linchpin Book Review: Are you indispensable?

Linchpins make order out of chaos, connect the people around them, and best of all, make stuff happen. If you want to become indispensable to the people you work for, this book is for you.

‘Mindset’ Review: The next book you should read

You need to read this book. The major point of the book is that there is one single characteristic that makes people successful – their mindset. Not some corny “positive thinking” mindset, but whether you have a ‘fixed’ or ‘growth’ mindset.

RAPT Book Review: Learn to improve your concentration and focus

RAPT is a book about managing your focus and attention, and I highly recommend it. The book has inspired a number of articles for Focus Week, and it will no doubt make you more productive. Click through for my review.

Book Reviews

Book Reviews

The Power of Habit: Review

You buy a coffee every morning without thinking much about it. You bite your nails when you get anxious, again, without thinking about. That's just what you do. About 40% of your actions are automatic responses to cues in your external environment. The Power of Habit explores why we really do what we do.

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