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Time Hack: Start a maintenance day

The idea of a maintenance day is a simple and powerful one: take all of the maintenance-y stuff you do throughout the week and lump them together on one day. It turns out, the effects of doing this are profound.


You don’t have time for that? Bull$#!†.

The phrase “I don’t have time for” should never be said. We all get the same amount of time every day., so if you can’t do something it’s not about the quantity of time. It’s really about how important the task is to you.

Book Reviews

The Power of Habit: Review

You buy a coffee every morning without thinking much about it. You bite your nails when you get anxious, again, without thinking about. That's just what you do. About 40% of your actions are automatic responses to cues in your external environment. The Power of Habit explores why we really do what we do.

Productivity Experiments


Not your typical attention-grabbing, tip-filled post, but I think it's worth your time! This is a story about a man I met at the bus stop today, and the conversation we had about his retirement, classical music, books, sports, and a lot more. A good weekend read.


Time Hack: Focus on high-leverage activities

A question was recently posed on the popular question-and-answer website Quora that asked, "What's the single most valuable lesson you've learned in your professional life?" The top answer is one that I recommend you read in whole.

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